• Poutine Festival and Mois de la francophonie
  • Seeking Nominations: The Council on Undergraduate Studies. A sub-committee of the Senate of the University of Ottawa. Please send your resume and a cover letter to Chris Hynes, VP of University Affairs by April 1st a 5pm
  • Represent Undergraduate students at the University of Ottawa. Seeking Applications: Vice President, Services and Communications of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa
  • The U of O is bottled water free! Students claimed this victory in 2010 as the first campus in Ontario. Learn more at at backthetap.ca and visit the SFUO Sustainable Development Centre to get a free re-usable water bottle!

Student Resources

Health Plan

Your SFUO executive negotiated an affordable health plan to meet your needs.
For more information on your coverage and on how to place a claim, check out our health plan website.

Student Clubs

The SFUO is home to over 250 clubs on campus. By becoming part of the clubs community, you can get involved in student life while engaging in something you are passionate about.

Zoom Productions

This is the multimedia department of the SFUO. Their expertise: video editing. Check out the amazing work produced by our very own Zoom Productions.

U – Pass

The universal bus pass is your portal to the city of Ottawa.


Stay up to date with all student run events!


Accessibility at the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa.

Latest News

Find the SFUO’s recent press releases. For media inquiries, please e-mail or call 613-562-5800 ext 4072

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