• 101 Week
  • Sunday Sept 6th at the EY Centre Concert starts at 6pm (TBC) Venue is easily accessed by the 97  Tickets are available to all uOttawa students for $10 or $15 for FEDstock and Closing Festival.  Artists are A Tribe Called Red, SHAD, La Bronze, and Raffy
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  • 5 Essential Tips For Surviving 101 Week As Told By Goats

Welcome to your 101 Week!

The 101 Week experience

Your first year of university can be intimidating – luckily, there’s 101 Week to help you settle in! This full week of fun, engaging events and activities is the best way to meet new friends and be introduced to life on and around campus!

101 Week is held from September 6th to 12th and is run by the SFUO and its 26 Federated Bodies (faculty associations).


Buy a kit to participate

To participate in 101 Week activities, you will need to purchase a 101 Kit from your Federated Body (your faculty) OR from the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO).

Learn about your Federated Body 101 Week Kit

Learn more about the SFUO 101 Week kit

5 Essential Tips For Surviving 101 Week As Told By Goats

Schedule for the SFUO 101 Week Kit:

September 6

Fedstock Opening Concert @ EY Centre

September 7

Take Back the Night Workshops @UCU Concourse
Take Back the Night March @ MRT Terrace

September 8

Shinerama Day
Shinerama Day Closing Ceremonies @UCU Agora

September 9

101 Dinner @TBT Lawn
Drag Show @ UCU Agora

September 10

Clubs Fair @University Pvt
Morrisset Concert @MRT Terrace/UCU Agora

September 11

Social Justice Fair @MRT Terrace
FLUO Party @MNT Gym
Camp Fortune

September 12

Closing Festival @Mooney’s Bay Park