About Us

What is the SFUO?

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa is your student union and your tool for creating change on campus.

Education is a right, not a commodity: The SFUO strives to achieve accessible and high quality post-secondary education which recognizes the legitimacy and validity of student rights and representation. We defend your interests at all levels of governance, and advocate for affordable education at the University of Ottawa and with both the Federal and provincial governments.

The Student Federation is responsible for:

As an undergraduate student, you are also a member of one of our 26 Federated Bodies (student associations) that organize events at the departmental and faculty levels, and create a vibrant atmosphere on campus.

We want you to have a memorable student experience at the University of Ottawa. We organize social events, take part in a number of awareness campaigns and philanthropic initiatives throughout the academic year. So take a moment to put your books aside, get involved, and meet other students!

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