Student of the Month Scholarship

Program Overview
The SFUO recognizes that students face significant barriers to accessing education because of the high cost of living, and high tuition fees. The Student of the Month Scholarship is intended to award 2 students each month with $500.00 to be used for education related expenses to alleviate some of these burdens that students face. Students who are interested must submit a one-page letter of motivation outlining the following to be considered by the committee to receive this scholarship:

  • Demonstrate academic curiosity – In the form of seeking out tutoring or academic help/peer mentoring.
  • Demonstrate positive attitude – Dealing with life realities while attending post-secondary education and working a part time job while keeping a positive attitude.
  • Encourage others to do their best – Helping others with classwork, being a supportive friend, teammate and/or role model.
  • Make contributions to the community through service and volunteering- This can include volunteer work outside of campus, and contributions to the community both on and off campus.

To be eligible for the SFUO Student of the Month Scholarship you must be a fees paying member of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, excluding those members who are currently employed full or part-time with the organization.

Selection Committee

  • VP University Affairs of the SFUO (Chair)
  • President of the SFUO
  • VP Social Affairs of the SFUO
  • Volunteer Coordinator of the SFUO
  • Finance Assistant of the SFUO
    • Delegate from the University Affairs Roundtable

Quorum for this committee shall be 3 members of those named above, 2 of which must include both the VP University Affairs and the SFUO Volunteer Coordinator

Disbursement of Funds
Successful applicants will be given their choice of the following methods for the disbursement of their scholarship funds:

  • A gift card for the SFUO Agora Bookstore
  • A transfer of the funds directly to the University of Ottawa for payment of their tuition fees

Successful applicants will be asked to specify which method of the two mentioned above they would prefer their prize to be awarded as.

Applications must be submitted to the VP University Affairs ( at either the SFUO office or electronically no later than 4pm on the final Tuesday of each month to be considered eligible to receive the scholarship in that month.