Practice makes perfect!

The Bilingualism Centre is proud of its tutoring service which is offered year round. Participants practice their second language with volunteers who lead lively sessions to improve participants’ proficiency. Volunteers do not teach courses but guide participants and respond to their questions about language, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, expressions, and comprehension. Our volunteers are pursuing/have degrees in education, linguistics, translation, literature, and many others. The diversity of our volunteers and participants reflects the nature of our community and creates an unforgettable experience.

  • Tutoring sessions last for approximately one hour per session and occur several times a week (Vacations and Final Exams are excluded).
  • If you would like to attend a session, simply register online and drop by the Centre during the time you have selected and a volunteer will meet you at the door!
  • Sessions typically begin one month after the beginning of each semester.
  • To view our available sessions, click here.


Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is for all members of our community. A myriad of pedagogical, linguistic, cultural, historical, and multimedia resources are available for all questions regarding the official languages, learning, and bilingualism. You may even borrow some of this resources for your personal research.


Our country and university are bilingual; let us celebrate that diversity! The Bilingualism Centre organizes a plethora of activities to promote Canadian duality. Among such activities are movie nights, round table discussions, and others. In November 2012, the Centre held the inaugural Gala de la francophonie, the first of its kind at the University. In November 2013, the Bilingualism Centre successfully presented the second edition of the Gala de la francophonie. For more information about upcoming eventsplease visit this site and our Facebook page and Events section. We are looking forward to seeing you all at our many events throughout the year!

Language Advocacy

The SFUO, The University of Ottawa, and Canada are all officially bilingual. This means that depending on the context, you have the right to request information, documents, and services in the official language of your choice from each of these organizations. If you believe that you have been a victim of linguistic discrimination, please come see us. The Centre works hard to end this discrimination and to promote a respectful and bilingual campus.

  • If you have a linguistic complaint to submit, please fill out REV ENG form and send it to the Bilingualism Centre in person or email to