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  • These Study Hacks Will Change Your Life


    1. Take Care of Yourself Eat well, do something active, get a good night’s sleep, and drink lots of water – it will boost your energy and concentration. 2. Create A Flexible Study Plan Make a schedule for all deadlines in the semester as soon as you get your syllabi. Know what’s coming up and […]

  • Welcome!


    Welcome to the SFUO Blog! This blog will serve as a tool to educate students about the events and services offered by the SFUO. We will explore the resources offered by the SFUO and post behind-the-scenes vlogs made by the SFUO Executives. In addition, we have partnered with several organizations that will write guest blogs […]

  • SFUO Statement on Mental Health Services on Campus


    OTTAWA – In light of the recent tragedy that happened on our campus on Tuesday March 14th, where a student took their own life, the SFUO wishes to extend our most sincere condolences and sympathies to the family and friends of those affected. The struggle for adequate mental health services on campus is an ongoing […]

  • Update of the Elections Committee


    To the SFUO student membership, We are addressing you as the Elections Committee. Our committee is comprised of 4 BoA Faculty Directors who were elected by the Board of Administration. During the week of February 6th-10th there were complaints presented to the Elections Office, as a result, the Elections Director made a decision to address […]

  • The SFUO Stands in Solidarity with the Muslim Community


    OTTAWA – In light of the tragedy which occurred in Quebec City on the evening of January 29th, we wish to extend our most sincere and profound condolences to the Muslim community, especially to those who have been directly affected by these events, from the family members of the victims to the communities in which they lived. […]

  • The SFUO Opposes the Construction of Trans Mountain and Line 3 Pipelines


    On November 29th 2016, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, announced the approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain and Enbridge’s Line 3 Pipelines. His actions are reneging on his commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous communities, as well as undoing the work that has been done thus far to make Canada an international leader in […]

  • The SFUO Opposes uOttawa’s Library Budget Cuts


    OTTAWA – University of Ottawa library on the chopping block: rally to stop the cuts! #SaveUOLibrary2016 November 30, 2016 For immediate release The University of Ottawa is planning to cut almost $2 million from the library budget of 2016-2017. The proposed cuts are a source of serious worry for students, faculty, librarians, university staff, members […]

  • The SFUO Supports the Movement for an Officially Bilingual National Capital


    OTTAWA – Last Sunday, the SFUO’s Board of Administration voted unanimously in favour of a motion supporting the movement for an officially bilingual national capital. The SFUO is proud to add its voice to the organisations and citizens spearheading this initiative, who have been working for many months for Ottawa to be designated as officially […]

  • SFUO Statement Regarding Vet’s Tour


    OTTAWA – The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa has been made aware of a situation in which students were encouraged to behave inappropriately and dangerously at an event organised by one of our Federated Bodies, the Science Students’ Association. The SFUO condemns any and all behaviours or activities that promote rape culture or […]