Bartender & Cook

Modified August 14th 2017

Pay: $11.20 hourly + gratuities

Location: University Centre

About You: 

You get the being on time thing, in fact you’re early most of the time. You’re detail-orientated and can multi-task in high pressure environments. You love working with people and you love to have fun! You’re ready to learn new skills and help create a fun and safe place for students to hang out on campus!


THIS JOB IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY (in fact, it’s not for most)

Well for starters it will be a lot of hard work and you’ll be doing a bit of everything. You’ll be jumping into the deep end, with a steep learning curve. We’ll need your full attention! This position is mentally demanding and you will need to be alert every shift. We have high expectations but will give you all the tools you need to succeed!

About Us: 

We are YOUR student pub. We help students create memorable experiences that they will take with them long after they graduate. We are a family. We take care of each other. It matters to us that you’re doing well in all areas of your life, not just your job here. We work together as a team and motivate each other to do better every day! We love what we do and we want everyone to know it!


· Bilingual in the two official languages of the University of Ottawa

· Must be Smart Serve certified

· Charismatic and outgoing

· Punctual and reliable

· Able to work well and remain professional and friendly under pressure

· Strong communication skills

· Able to work well individually and with others

· Possess strong time management skills

· Must be a student at the University of Ottawa

· Previous bartending experience is an asset, but not required

Job Duties & Tasks: 

· Greet guests as they enter the bar & advise them of daily events and specials

· Check valid government-issued identification before serving each guest

· Monitor for under-age drinking, signs of intoxication, outside alcohol, gambling or drinking games

· Prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for guests

·  Inspect food preparation and serving areas to ensure observance of safe, sanitary food-handling practices

· Season, cook and portion food according to recipe book guidelines

· Observe and test foods for quality and appearance at each stage of the cooking process

· Receive, prepare & serve all food orders in a timely fashion

· Track and report any food and/or beverage waste

· Handle cash, debit, credit, and gift card transactions

· Assist with daily inventory checks

· Receive & verify all deliveries and put orders away promptly

· Handle, store, label, and rotate all products properly

· Maintain sanitation, health and safety standards in all work areas and report any deficiencies to management

· Maintain a clean work area at all times

· Bus and clean tables, sort waste into proper containers, and clean dishes and glassware

· Ensure that all spills and broken glass are cleaned up promptly as to avoid any accidents or injuries

· Ensure that all products are stocked and alert management when products are low

· Properly store, handle, and use all cleaning products and chemicals according to safety guidelines

· Lift and change kegs safely (up to 165 pounds)

· Complete daily shift reports & communicate any urgent matters to management

· Complete incident reports as required

· Assist in promoting the bar, including daily specials, events, and contests

· Attend mandatory day-long staff meetings once per month (on a Sunday)

*** Knowledge of the SFUO, its services, businesses, clubs, associations and activities is an asset.

Start Date: September 1st, 2017

How to Apply: · Email your CV to: or drop off your CV to the SFUO office (UCU-07)

· You MUST answer the following question with your resume: What is one event you would like to organize at 1848 this year?

Salary:  $11.20 hourly + gratuities

Location: University Centre