International House – Campaigns Supervisor

International House – Campaigns Supervisor


Last Modified February 15th 2017
Pay $11.85 / hour
Hours per Week 15 hours per week from September to April
Location University Centre
Number of Positions Available 1

Job description

  • organizing the International House’s campaigns;
  • organizing Don’t Feed the Stereotype – a weeklong event aimed towards fighting cultural stereotypes, discrimination and improvement of overall cultural awareness;
  • participate in the organization of International Week where cultural groups and independent volunteers come together to represent different countries for an entire week, including the organization of performances throughout the week;
  • chairing the International House’s Campaigns subcommittee of volunteers that focus on actively promoting campaigns
  • assisting other staff members in extensive projects;
  • evaluating budgets for various events organized by the International House with the assistance of the Service Coordinator; and
  • Submitting a report at the end of each semester, as well as a year-end  transition Activities Report at the end the contract duration. These reports should detail all that was positive, any problems, solutions or proposals for past or future International House activities.
  • contributing to the positive image of the SFUO;
  • other related duties


  • Must be bilingual in both official languages of the University of Ottawa
  • Must be a student at the University of Ottawa
  • Have leadership and organizational skills;
  • Be comfortable working with the public;
  • Have experience in organizing large scale events;
  • Have an understanding of issues faced by international students on campus;
  • Have an understanding of multiculturalism on campus as well as the mandate of the International House.

*** Knowledge of the SFUO, its services, businesses, clubs, associations and activities is an asset

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to and

Please note: If you require accommodations for the interview, please feel free to indicate this to us as early in the application process as possible. This will help us to ensure that your needs will be adequately met.