Pivik Operations Manager

Modified July 26th 2017

Hours per Week: 35

Pay: 30 000

Positions Available: One position, from August 15th to May 10th

Job Description

Key duties of Operations Manager


1. Pivik Supervision:

• To set good example for the staff with regard to punctuality, attendance, attitude and hygiene. • To train new staff in methods and procedures.
• To promote and practice relevant health and safety and fire safety standards. • To provide induction training for new staff, and complete Skills Checklists within their first month of employment. • To assess training needs and provide relevant training. • To hold regular meetings with the Business Director and staff meetings
• To assist the assistant manager and the kitchen manager to ensure that the required standards are achieved.
• To advise staff of unavailability of products and any other relevant information in order to ensure the efficient operation of the Pivik
• Manage the safe and the cash drawers


2. Pivik Productivity:

• To carry out ordering of supplies as and to ensure items are always in stock when needed, with the help of the assistant manager, the head cashier. • To ensure accurate cash-out and deposit procedures are followed at end of night. • To be informed and aware of all relevant legislation regarding food service, health and safety, lottery
• To communicate regularly and efficiently with Business Director. • To constantly strive to improve the standards of hygiene and service throughout the Pivik. • To maintain and/or implement new efficient and effective work methods and systems.


3. Cost Control of the Pivik:

• To ensure all deliveries are checked in correctly and that all relevant delivery invoices are correct and processed for payment in a timely manner, with the help of the assistant manager, the head cashier and the kitchen department • To prepare daily and monthly sales reports for the Pivik to be presented to the Business Director
• To conduct weekly, monthly and annually inventory checks and report findings in weekly meetings. • To regularly price check all items bought for the operation, to ensure that we are buying at the best prices available.


4. Quality of Pivik Service:

• To satisfy all customer requirements by ensuring that the service is constantly maintained at a consistently high standard with particular focus on regular clientele in the Student Owned Business.
• To ensure that the Pivik promotes and contributes to the positive image of the SFUO.


5. Communication:

• To monitor the Pivik’s email account and respond to emails within 48 hours of receiving them
• Responding to voicemails left with 24 hours
• Developing and promoting new ideas to generate new business for the Pivik

Other Related task (ex: help the head cashier to fill and stock shelves, working at the cash during the part-time cashiers are on break, work in the kitchen when employee is sick, make entries in the system when assistant manager is sick, help to manage and clean the hot table, do some shift replacement when part time cashier or supervisor cancel shifts).



· Must have relevant industry experience
· Must be Bilingual (English – French)
· Must have experience with cost controls and inventory systems within the retail industry
· Must have experience in products promotion
· Must be extremely well-organized and be able to multi task
· Must be able to work without supervision
· Must be able to work well under pressure and in a multicultural environment
· Must be creative and willing to adapt to the ever changing University landscape
· Must possess strong interpersonal skills
· Must be available morning and night, Monday to Sunday
· An asset to have experience managing a team of University Students

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