Reevaluation of CSD programming

November 24, 2015


For immediate release
Tuesday, November 24th 2015

Reevaluation of CSD programming

As a responsible students union, we have to ensure that we are always reviewing the programming of all of our Service Centres to ensure that they are representative of the service-users and the student community at large, to whom we are accountable and responsible.

The yoga program put on by the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) has been operating for a couple of years and has never been reviewed. That is why a decision was made by CSD staff to temporarily suspend the program, while putting on other activities to meet students’ needs, to make sure that what is done not only best represents the mandate of the CSD but also represents the students who use it.

This review process is important to ensure that the SFUO evolves with students’ needs. It will best allow us to meet these diverse and ever-changing needs of the student body at the University of Ottawa. The SFUO executive, as well as CSD staff believe that it is important to look at the good and positive work that has been done and see how it can always be improved. That is why we have taken this semester to do this review with a mind to reintroducing new programming in the Winter semester.

We would like to stress the fact that the classes were not cancelled. They were put on hold to allow the CSD to do proper consultation amongst themselves, with Service Centre users, and interested students at large, in order to provide better programming. We are excited to reintroduce a program that is beneficial for the CSD service-users, in the Winter semester.


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