About Us

What is Accessible Post Secondary Education?

As students we embrace the traditions of our society that aspire to overcome inequality and promote social progress. These traditions find their realization in post secondary education that is concerned with social issues and concerned with its own social impact, as such we believe in:

  • the bilingual nature of our university
  • articulating the students’ concerns to all other groups both on campus and externally;
  • organizing at the local, provincial and federal level so that we might continue to strive for quality and accessible education
  • three basic principles: that post secondary education in Ontario be universally accessible; that post secondary education in Ontario be of high quality and that post secondary education in Ontario be democratically controlled;
  • post secondary education both in Ontario and Canada that does not exist to serve the partial interest of any elite. Higher education must be subsidized by the people of Canada and must belong to the people of Canada;
  • recognizing our role as agents of social progress, assisting students in understanding and acting against oppression and injustice and emphasizing the rights and responsibilities of the student. To further this end, we will act against the oppression of women, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered, the disabled, native people, ethnic, religious and linguistics and other disadvantaged groups and causes including our environment on the University of Ottawa campus