Booking system for club rooms

Welcome to our new online booking system

From now on, you can only book the rooms within the clubs room space (UCU030) through this system.

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The following rooms are available to book:

  • The main space (no more than 25 people)
  • The big boardroom (10-15 people)
  • The small boardroom (6 people)

The system does not allow recurrent bookings, you will have to enter each booking individually for each week.

Please be mindful of the other clubs – respect your booking hours and refrain from overbooking the rooms.
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If the clubs rooms are not available on a date that you require please visit conventions and reservations EMS system to book a meeting room/space. Please note that conventions and reservations has a brand new booking system from which all clubs now have the possibility to book any room or space on campus directly. You will need an access code. To obtain your access code please contact Christal Parizeau at conventions and reservations:


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Reserve the main space
(no more than 25 people)

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Reserve the big boardroom
(10-15 people)

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Reserve the small boardroom
(6 people)