Clubs Registration

You can register at two different times over the year: once in September, the other in January.  Please note that if you register in September, you do not need to re-register in January. Without the successful completion of these forms, your Club will not be recognized and will not receive privileges of an SFUO certified Club.

To be active during the fall semester, your club’s forms must be submitted by the September deadline.

Fall registration deadline is September 19th 2014 by 4 P.M.
Winter Registration deadline is January 30th, 2015 by 4 P.M.

New Club and Society Applicants | Renewing Club and Society Applicants

8 easy steps to starting an SFUO club!

  1. Think of an idea for a club.
  2. Formulate a mandate for your club, i.e. its mission, the raison d’être in a few sentences. Your mandate must be different from any other registered club.
  3. Start talking about it to your friends, classmates or anyone else that is interested!
  4. Take a look at the Clubs Manual (coming soon!)
  5. Recruit members to sign the Support Form. You need a minimum of 15!
  6. Write a constitution. A sample is available for your convenience on this site.
  7. Create your executive committee.
  8. Send a copy of your constitution to Bring in your completed Registration Form and a $35 registration fee to the SFUO Office (UCU 07).

Et voila! Now all you have to do is wait for your club application to be reviewed by the SFUO and you’ll be set to enter the world of the SFUO clubs system!


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