New Club Applicants

New club applicants are required to fill out the standard club application, where among other things it requires a contact person for the club, two signing officers for the club and its finances. It is important not to forget that only students may be executives and executive signing officers, and student numbers are required for approval. A constitution is also required by the SFUO for new club applicants. A sample constitution is found below. The fee for all new Clubs is $35 per club.
Fall registration deadline is September 19th 2014 by 4 P.M.
Winter Registration deadline is January 30th, 2015 by 4 P.M.


New Clubs/Societies Application Form (submit to the SFUO Reception – UCU 07)

Sample Constitution

The sample constitutions below are minimal requirement of all clubs. You may adjust the respective sample document so that it suits the club better. Please send an electronic copy of the constitution to Paper copies will not be accepted.

Registration Fee

The registration fee of $35 must be paid before the club can be processed as a prospective club. The reception desk accepts debit, credit or cash.
Please note: A new club’s application will be processed after and only after submitting all of the requirements. Once the appropriate paperwork and fee have been handed in, the application will be reviewed to ensure that it fits within the parameters set out in By-law 8 of the SFUO Constitution. An interview will also be conducted.
Requirements for Club Status

  • A minimum of fifteen members, including the executive (if there is one).
  • At least 75% of the members of the Club-Applicant are registered students of the University of Ottawa.
  • The Club applicant’s constitution makes provisions for the democratic selection of its executive members (if there is any).
  • The Club-Applicant does not have the same name as any other certified SFUO Club, Association or Federated Body.
  • The Club-Applicant’s constitution does not contain any discriminatory clauses nor does it contain clauses that are contrary to existing Canadian laws.
  • The Constitution is written in at least one of the two University’s official languages.