Advertising on campus can be a little confusing if you don’t know the ropes. Here you will be able to find necessary information to assist in the process.

Posting Regulations and Where to Post

All posters put up throughout the University must be stamped by the appropriate authority– if not, they will be pulled down.  There are different stamps for different areas of campus, therefore be sure you get all posters stamped depending on where you would like to post them!

The Club’s name and/or logo must be visible on the material to be approved for posting.

Posters must comply with:

  • The Human Rights Code of Ontario
  • The Liquor License of Ontario and the Advertising Guidelines of the LCBO
  • The Travel Industry Act of Ontario
  • Posters must not contain hate/fear mongering or vulgar language
  • Commercial advertising is not permitted

Student Federation of the University of Ottawa

Posting Regulations

  • All posters must be approved and stamped at an SFUO office
  • Posters must relate to student life and clearly display the name or logo of your organisation.
  • Only ONE poster can be posted per posting area. You cannot post on painted surfaces (including painted columns).
  • Your adhesive must be applied to the back of the posters. Only masking tape is permitted.
  • Posters are never to be applied over an existing poster.
  • The maximum length of time posters can be on the columns is 2 weeks; you are responsible for removing them after two weeks or after your event takes place. (Whichever comes first)
  • Only 30 posters can be stamped and posted (if separate French and English posters are made for an event, only 15 French and 15 English posters will be stamped).
  • In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, posters will be prohibited from discriminating on the basis of the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, disability, creed (religion), ancestry, ethnicity, or other grounds.

In the University Centre

  • This only applies to the pillars of the first floor (level 0) of the University Centre.
  • See the SFUO receptionist in person in room 07, University Center to have your posters approved.
  • Have each copy of your poster stamped upon approval.

At the School for Information Technology and Engineering (SITE)

  • See the SFUO receptionist in person in Booth 5 (SFUO SITE office) on the ground floor of the SITE building to have your posters approved.
  • Have each copy of your poster stamped upon approval.

University of Ottawa

Clubs can put up their posters for free if they do it themselves, or for a $20 charge Marketing and Communications will take care of it. For more information, please contact Marketing and Communications Office in Tabaret Hall, 613-562-5708 or via e-mail

For the List of Billboards where you can post click here.

Posting Regulations (Communication Services)

  • Communication services’ billboards are reserved for the following purposes:
    • Announcing special events and activities that are scheduled on campus by recognized groups of the University of Ottawa
    • Announcing special events and activities scheduled at the University of Ottawa (with proof of reservation)
    • Announcing special events and activities scheduled off campus by recognized groups of the University of Ottawa
    • Announcing special events and activities scheduled off campus by external groups but sponsored in part by a faculty, school or service of the University of Ottawa; an official sponsorship form must accompany the posting request, and the posters must bear the stamp of the activity sponsor.
  • The advertisement must follow the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario and Liquor Licence Board of Ontario advertising Guidelines.
  • All postings must have integral versions of their message in one or the other official language, that is to say English or French. Bilingual posters are strongly recommended.
  • Persons or groups of persons whose posters compromise the rights or the reputation of another person or group of persons will be denied posting privileges. Furthermore, with regard to the parties involved, Communication Services cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from such postings, be they authorized or not.
  • Posters with words or images that incite violence or confrontations will be denied posting privileges.
  • Personal ads may be posted only on the University of Ottawa Web site exchange board (Student Services)
  • Posters must measure no more than 11”x17” (28cmx43cm).
  • For safety and cleanliness, posters must be placed only on designated Communication Services’ billboards; therefore posting is prohibited on painted walls, on doors, windows, stairs and elevators, and on the ceilings and floors. Users must make sure they do not cover posters that are already up.
  • All posters must bear an original “Communication Services” stamps; only one copy of each poster is allowed per billboard.
  • Unauthorized posters set up in areas managed by the University’s Communication Services will be removed at the expense of the guilty person or group, who will also be charged a penalty for unauthorized posting. Repeat offenders may be denied access to the campus of the University of Ottawa.
  • Authorized posters may stay up until the day after the event or for two weeks, whichever comes first. The date stamped on the poster is the expiry date.
  • The Communication Services are not responsible for theft of or damage to posters on display.
  • In other buildings, deans or directors are responsible for determining how inside billboards not belonging to the Communication Services will be used.
  • All posters must contain the new image a.k.a new logo.


Residences include 90 University, Stanton, Thompson, Hyman Soloway, Brooks and Marchand.

Posters must be approved and stamped by the Centre for Academic Support and Programming of Activities in Residence (CASPAR).

CASPAR is located in 45 University Pr., room 106 (first floor of Thompson Residence).
For more information contact CASPAR at or 613-562-5800.ext. 3165.

Posting Policy

  • They must be completely bilingual and contain both English and French material on the same posting.
  • They must be typed or written in a legible manner.
  • They must conform to the rules and regulations set out in the Residence Agreement as well as in the Code of Conduct.
  • They may not contain messages that encourage the consumption of alcohol. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Pictures of alcohol or alcoholic beverages
    • Logos of companies that produce alcohol
    • Words that would suggest that alcohol will be served at the event, etc.
  • The CASPAR Coordinator must approve them before the club, service, or private business submits them to the CASPAR for distribution.
  • The CASPAR has the sole responsibility of posting in residence. Individuals, groups, clubs, services or businesses are not permitted to entre the residences to distribute their goods.
  • Posters, intended for display in main entrances must not be larger than 11” x 17” and posters intended for display on residence floors must not be larger than 8½” x 14”.
  • When fees are applicable, clubs, services or businesses must submit, with the items, cash or a cheque payable to the Centre for Academic Support and Programming of Activities in Residence (CASPAR) for the appropriate amount.


Ways to creatively advertise for your event are numerous, they include, but are in no way limited to the following:

  • Create a logo so that your posters and materials will be easily recognized
  • Write messages on the blackboards in classrooms, this way all students will read it
  • Send a press release to all faculties a week before the event and ask that Professors read it before class
  • Put an event together with another Club or group
  • Put up posters
  • Put your event on your Clubs website

For more tips, visit the Training Session webpage!

Media Contacts

The Fulcrum
Deidre Butters, Advertising Representative
Office: (613) 562-5261 Cell: (613) 880-6494

La Rotonde
Edgar Donelle of Accès Media
Tel #: 514.524.1182 or 800.391.1182 (toll free)

Poster Suggestions


  • Have only words on your poster
  • Make your poster cluttered
  • Be like all the other posters
  • Photocopy pictures
  • Use copy-written materials without the rights of its creator


  • Examine other posters around campus before choosing your paper colour and size
  • Make sure that all the information is correct before printing; i.e. spelling, dates and time
  • Make sure that the most important information is the biggest so that it stands out
  • Take your time to make the poster look as professional as possible
  • Let someone else look at the poster before choosing a final design