Clubs training

Quick Overview

Subsidy request – Subsidy form

Any clubs can apply to be reimbursed for their activities through the clubs subsidy.

To apply for your clubs’ reimbursement, you must fill out the subsidy request form, attach all your original receipts to it and bring it to the SFUO office within 30 days of your event occurring.

Clubs have access to a reimbursement of $1500 for the whole year (which includes the summer).

Clubs can request to be reimbursed up to $625 per semester to ensure that they do at least one activity per semester. Clubs have access to $250 during the summer.

This works as a reimbursement system. The SFUO clubs’ office does not do cash advance. Clubs cannot receive funds prior to paying for the costs related to their event.

The clubs subsidy does not reimburse the following expenses:

  • the purchase of equipment
  • the purchase of gift cards
  • the purchase of prizes (gifts for giveaways)
  • the purchase of alcohol
  • the purchase of any items that goes against our environmental policies
  • the reimbursement of clubs fees such as clubs renewal fee ($10) and clubs registration fees ($35)
  • tips


Room booking system

Conventions and reservations has a new online system which now allows you to book any room/space/ tables on campus. To obtain this form, you must email conventions and reservations:

They will give you the form.

You must fill out the form; bring it to the SFUO office for the VP Equity or the Clubs Coordinator to sign it.

You must send it back to conventions and reservations. Conventions and Reservations will give you an access name and access code.
Once you obtain an access name and access code, you will be able to book any room/space/tables on campus.

The clubs office has a new booking system for the clubs room’s main space, big boardroom and small boardroom.

Please fill out the online form via this link:


Since we realize that clubs have various needs (in terms of size) for their banners, we are allowing clubs to get their banners printed where they desire it to be printed. We ask that clubs hold on to their original receipts and fill out a subsidy request form.