Important Dates

Time / Location
Beginning of the electoral campaign Sunday January 29th, 2017 at 5pm
U Center (85 University) – Terminus (2nd Floor – Open area)
Meet and Greet Residence Friday February 3rd ,2017 at 6pm-8pm
90 Univ. room 152
Electoral Debate (1) Tuesday January 31st, 2017 at 3pm-6pm
SITE – ground floor VP Services and Communications, VP Equity, President
Electoral Debate (2) Wednesday February 1th, 2017 at 3pm-6pm
U Center (85 University)- Agora (Open area)VP University Affairs VP Finance VP Social
Polling days February 8th and 9th at 9am – 7pm

February 10th, from 9am to 5pm


Faculty BOA seats Senate Seats BOG seats
Telfer School of Management 3 1 1 (for all)
Faculty of Medicine 1 1
Faculty of Science 3 1
Faculty of Law, Common Law 1 1
Faculty of Law, Droit Civil 1 ———————–
Faculty of Health Sciences 3 1
Faculty of Education 1 ————————
Faculty of Engineering 3 1
Faculty of Social Science 6 1
Faculty of Arts 3 1



Executive Committee – 6 Seats

  • Help and support the staff and the other executives
  • Overlook the operations of UOSERT
  • Ensure the smooth running of the Student Federation
  • Maintain relations with the Universities administration
  • Maintain relations with other bodies and universities
  • Maintain relations with all levels of government
  • Maintain relations with the student population
  • Maintain relations with the Faculty Associations and Federated bodies
  • Chair the President Round tables and Committee on Policies and By-laws
  • Report regularly to the Board of administration
Vice President, Equity
  • oversees 6 services and 2 full-time employees + helps them with all of their needs
  • co-chairs the action team on sexual violence
  • meets with the Human Rights Office
  • oversees the clubs office and takes on some of the day to day responsibilities
  • actively participates in executive and board meetings
  • sits on multiple sub-committees of the BOA
  • helps with mediation sessions
  • works with the VP social to make 101 week as safe a space as possible for all 1st year students
  • organizes Black History Month activities
  • performs outreach to students
  • privately meets with students as needed to be of help to them with any issues that they may have
Vice President, Social
  • Ensure that student life and academic experience are positive
  • Responsible for the social programming of the year, includes planning and executing 101 Week, Winter Challenge, galas, and events throughout the year.
  • Coordinate different philanthropic initiatives, such as Shinerama, Relay for Life, and other causes.
  • Supervise the SFUO’s volunteer crew PartiParty.
  • Work with the VP Socials and VP Philanthropics of the Federated Bodies, the Logistics Coordinator, the Volunteer Coordinator, and the Philanthropic Coordinator of the SFUO.
Vice President, Finance
  • Finance/Budget
    • Direct management of the SFUO’s operating budget
    • Responsible for directing 4 commercial business operations: 1848, Café Alt, Pivik, and Agora Bookstore
    • Responsible for the Health Plan
    • Chair of the Finance Committee and Accessibility Fund Committee
  • Board of Administration
    • Prepares and presents the SFUO’s budget at the second summer meeting of the Board of Administration
    • Recommends By-laws relating to financial matters
    • Provides reports regarding economic status of SFUO
  • Human Resources
    • Human Resources manager for the SFUO
V.P. Services & Communications
  • Assume responsibility for all communication-related matters of the federation and will ensure they are bilingual in nature.
  • I am responsible of the translation Department, the Promotion Team and the SFUO’s Marketing department.
  • I also am responsible for the Federation’s website, brand, image, and visibility on and off campus. In the process our departments are highly involved.
  • I am responsible for producing media releases, internal communications, and general information reports about the Student Federations’ activities.
  • I also supervise different services of the Federation: the Food Bank, Sustainable development Centre, Foot Patrol, Bike Coop, and Peer Help Centre.
Vice President, University Affairs
  • Manages and oversees the daily functions of the U-Pass program
  • Oversees the We Care-Childcare Program and Student Rights Centre
  • Carries out research on course content and on academic requirements and criteria that affect undergraduate students
  • Maintains good relationships with all the U of O campus-wide unions and community associations such as Action Sandy Hill
  • Acts as Principal organizer of the Campaigns department
  • Must be fully committed and invested – regular work hours do not apply with this post
  • Acts as the secretary of the Student Federation




THE POWERS OF THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS are stipulated in article 11 of the University of Ottawa Act, 1965.

In general terms, the powers of the Board may be summarized as follows:

  1. To appoint, promote and remove all officers of the University and members of the teaching staff as well as members of the support staff.
  2. To fix salaries and other financial compensation of the University employees.
  3. To decide on financial and contractual matters.
  4. To make any regulation considered necessary for the government and administration of the University.
  5. To appoint committees and delegate to such committees such powers as may be deemed advisable.

To obtain more information on the Board of Governors, please visit the Board’s web page http://www.uottawa.ca/administration-and-governance/board-of-governors.



“The Senate is responsible for the educational policy of the University and, subject to the approval of the Board in so far as the expenditure of funds is concerned, may create, maintain and discontinue such faculties, departments, schools or institutes or establish such chairs as it may determine, may enact by laws and regulations for the conduct of its affairs, and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, has power,

  1. to control, regulate and determine the educational policy of the University according to Christian principles and its bilingual tradition and character;
  2. to determine the courses of study and standards of admission to the University and continued membership therein, and qualifications for degrees and diplomas;
  3. to deal with all matters arising in connection with the awarding of fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, medals, prizes and other awards;
  4. to confer the degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctor, and all other degrees and diplomas in all branches of learning that may appropriately be conferred by a university;
  5. to confer honorary degrees in any branch of higher learning with the concurrence of the Board;
  6. to create committees to exercise its powers.”

*             Article 17 of the University of Ottawa Act 1965.


Extra Documents

Posting Rules 2017
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