2018 – 2019


Rizki Rachiq

Welcome Students! My name is Rizki Rachiq and I am the President of your Student Federation. There are a couple of things I am responsible for such as: Oversee the Health Plan program which offers great benefits for us including counselling sessions. I am the Press Correspondent of the Federation and act as the Vice-Chair of our Board of Administration. This year I plan on improving our communication with students, creating SFUO swag so students can proudly rep their union and try to introduce nap pods on campus. My biggest goal however is to try to get to know each and all of you and listen to your ideas and make sure that my team and I are here for you. Students United will never be defeated!

Email: president@sfuo.ca / Office located at 07-85 University Private (UCU)

VP External

Paige Booth

Paige Booth is a social sciences student studying Political Science and Psychology. Paige is passionate about fighting for student rights and accessible education. As VP External, some of her duties include overseeing the Student’s Rights Center, being responsible for the scholarship program including Student of the Month and other volunteer scholarships, acting as the official liaison between federated bodies and the executive committee as well as organizing General Assemblies and Town Halls. In addition to these tasks, Paige is the official representative for the SFUO (local 41) at the Canadian Federation of Students and works to maintain good relations with the Sandy Hill community by attending various community groups. Paige meets regularly with university administration to advocate in the best interest of students in what concerns her mandate and just so happens to be a student representative on the Senate of the University. Paige loves passionate students who strive for positive change, so feel free to contact her anytime!

VP Operations

Axel Gaga

Hello, I am Axel Gaga the Vice President, Operations of the SFUO. In this role I am responsible for the Universal Transit Program (U-Pass) and creating the SFUO budget. I also over see the proper functioning of our four businesses which are – Pivik (our convenience store), 1848 (our student Bar), Café Alt (our locally produce Café ) and Agora (our cheap alternative bookstore). I saw ours because as students you pay into all these great resources and that’s why this year I want to create an easy to read budget that will be accessible to you online so you know exactly where your money is going.There is a lot the SFUO has accomplished and a lot more to be done, me and the rest of the 2018-2019 executives will be here to help. Want to talk more? Email me at vp.operations@sfuo.ca

VP Internal

Katheryn Zwierzchowski

Katie Zwierzchowski is the VP Internal of the SFUO and is in her fifth year studying Biology with a minor in Linguistics. As VP Internal she is responsible for the clubs system on campus, and manages the over 350 registered campus clubs. She is also responsible for overseeing Zoom productions, our on-campus media group, and the refugee program that currently sponsors 3 refugee students per year. Among other things, Katie is also responsible for the microwaves on campus, and the fall SFUO agenda.

This year Katie plans to

• improve the clubs’ website so that clubs have better access to the documents they need
• work with VEMS to improve the room booking system for clubs
• offer cubs trainings at least once per semester
• reintroduce feedback forms for the clubs on campus
• offer Zoom drop in classes, so that interested students can learn how to use cutting edge equipment and digital software
• continue sponsorship of refugee students past their first year

She is also aiming to
• bring more microwaves to the places they are needed on campus
• revamp the free SFUO agenda handed out at the beginning of the fall semester

Katie has many more ideas but would also love to hear your suggestions. The SFUO is YOUR student federation, and your feedback is very important to us.

VP Social

Faduma Wais

Hello fellow Gee-gees! My name is Faduma Wais and I am the Vice President Social here at the SFUO. My responsibilities include: hosting an eventful 101 week for incoming first years on campus, organizing fun sports tournaments with the Vice President Operations, planning exciting galas with the executive team to give back to our amazing federated bodies, volunteers, and honour those who have worked hard volunteering for our campus/ federation.

What I would like to accomplish this year is to:

• Engage students to come out to our varsity athletes home games and support our fellow Gee-gees

• Raise school spirit by having students participate in many social events hosted on campus by our departments, services, and executives

• Have higher attendance to our events and to ensure that students are heard for what they want to see on campus.

Have a cool idea you want as a social event on campus? Send an email to: vp.social@sfuo.ca

VP Equity

Caroline Lu

Caroline is the Vice President Equity of the SFUO and is in her 4th year studying chemistry and French as a second language. As VP Equity, she works with an intersectional framework to address discrimination and work towards dismantling systemic oppression, on campus and in the community, in order to break down barriers to education and create a safer and more inclusive student community. She oversees the programming of the SFUO’s Campaigns Department as well as all of the Federation’s services, with the exception of the Student Rights Centre and UOSERT.

During her mandate, Caroline hopes to:
• make internal condoms more widely available across campus
• create a central resources page on the SFUO website for different issues
• increase access to mental health care
• launch a campaign for the prevention of sexual violence based on education around consent
• create a reporting mechanism through the SFUO for harassment and assault

She is also pushing for:
• more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus
• equity statements and pronoun policies in syllabi
• increased availability of textbooks and resources for Francophone students

These are just a few of her goals. She has many more, and is also open to hearing your suggestions, ideas and solutions. She is here to make campus a better place for you.