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The supervisor of activities is the head planner of the monthly activities at International House. This person is responsible for movie nights, potlucks, trips and local parties hosted by International House throughout the week. The activities coordinator also evaluates the budget proposals for tentative events with the assistance of the service coordinator and must also assist with all other events held by the service. This employee is responsible for large scale events that involve long-term planning and organization. They are responsible for the NY trip during 1st semester and International Week and International Gala in the 2nd semester.


Actively work on bringing awareness to the community and student body regarding human rights, diversity and cultural competence through different campaigns such as “Don’t feed the stereotypes”. Work in collaboration with the Coordinator on campaigns related to International students issues. Organize events to promote the International House’s campaigns and create plans to reach out to the International students’ community. This supervisor works with a subcommittee of volunteers to assist the organization of the activities.


This person is responsible for creating the volunteer recruitment and scheduling throughout the year. The supervisor must also create a biweekly newsletter and update news on all forms of media. All general inquiries are to be forwarded to him. He or she works with a subcommittee of volunteers focusing specifically on the completion of these projects.