• Winter Distribution. January 5 to 9, 10am to 1pm. SFUO Main Office (UCU 07)
  • Exemption. Think you're eligible for an exemption from the U-Pass? Click here to see the available options. Fall Deadline: September 26, 2014
  • Replacements. Did you lose your card? Was your card stolen? Click here for more details.
Students voted in favour of a Universal Student Bus Pass Program by referendum in 2010. This means that all full-time uOttawa students who live in Ontario are charged for this student bus pass at a significantly lower rate than OC Tranpo’s regular and express passes. The cost of the U-Pass today is still less expensive than a semester pass was back in 2010 ($188/semester vs. $210/semester).


  • Full-time uOttawa student
  • Undergraduate and Graduate students
  • You must be fully registered in order to pick up your U-Pass
  • Living in Ontario
  • If you are living on the Québec side, please make sure your mailing address in uoZone is up-to-date. If you do not want your mail to go to the address you are living at during the school year, you must provide us with another proof of address (see Exemptions for more details)
  • Attending full-time courses at uOttawa*
*Unfortunately, if you are in a joint program with another post-secondary institution other than uOttawa and Carleton University, and you are not attending full-time courses at uOttawa, you are not eligible for the U-Pass Program. If you are taking part-time courses at uOttawa and part-time courses at Carleton, you can opt in to the program. See our opt-in section for more details.



Benefits of the U-Pass Program:

  • Unlimited use of all OC Transpo regular, express, and rural routes
  • Unlimited access to the O-Train
  • Unlimited access to ParaTranspo within the urban transit area
  • No age restriction
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars when compared to OC Transpo monthly passes

Do you drive? Use one of OC Transpo’s Park and Rides to save yourself some money while reducing your carbon footprint!

Live close to campus? Use OC Transpo to get around the city and see all that Ottawa has to offer!