There are a few scenarios where you would be able to opt-in to the program:
  • You attend part-time courses at uOttawa and part-time courses at Carleton, thus technically making you a full-time student when the course loads between both institutions are considered.
  • You are registered with Access Service and are considered to have a full-time course load

To opt in, you must fill out the opt-in form (U-Pass Opt-In Fall 2017) and provide us with the necessary documentation to prove your status(es). Opt-in Forms can be found at the Information Table during distribution, and at the SFUO Main Office (UCU 07) for the remainder of the school year.

Once opted in, your university account will be charged for the U-Pass. We suggest paying for the fee before being opted in to avoid late charges. If you are opting in for the Fall Semester, you will be charged for the entire year. If you are opting in for the Winter Semester, you will be charged for half the year.

Part-time at uOttawa and Carleton

Necessary Documentation:

  • Confirmation of registration from both universities
  • Must include your name, your registration status, and the date

Considered Full-time Through Access Service

Necessary Documentation:

  • Letter from Access Service confirming that you are considered full-time
  • Must be from the current school year
  • Letter can be accessed through your Ventus account