Found Cards

Did you find a card?

You can return the card to the SFUO Main Office (UCU 07). If you are not on campus, feel free to drop the card off in any mailbox, or at an OC Transpo location.

Lost Cards

Did you lose your card?

First things first, make sure to contact OC Transpo Lost and Found to see if your card was found.

OC Transpo Heartwood House
404 McArthur Avenue
Ottawa, ON
Phone: 613-563-4011

If you lost your U-Pass, you can get a replacement at the SFUO Main Office located in Jock Turcot, University Center (UCU 07).

1st Replacement: 25$
2nd replacement: 50$
3rd Replacement: 75$
4th Replacement: 100$

The replacement fee is fixed. Please note that this replacement policy only applies to the Summer 2016 semester.

We highly recommend that students visit our FAQ section on our website as it contains important information that might be useful.

U-Pass cards that have been stolen or lost will be hot listed. Once the card has been hot listed, it is no longer active and will therefore prevent any other individual from using the card.

Any U-Pass replacements that is made automatically hotlists the previous card, consequently, the only U-Pass that is active is the most recent U-Pass that was acquired by the student.

Broken Cards

Did your card break?

If your card is defective, you can get a free replacement at the SFUO Main Office (UCU 07) upon presentation of the card. We must retain the card (or pieces of the card) in order to make a replacement.

Stolen Cards

Was your card stolen?

If your U-Pass card was stolen, it can be replaced free of charge at the SFUO Main Office (UCU 07) with a police report number.