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Become a Volunteer for one of our Services! Fill out this form and hand it into the SFUO Office(UCU-07) or email it back to Volunteer@SFUO.ca

Enrich your university experience by getting involved with your Student Federation! There are many volunteer opportunities available for students all year round. Whether it’s with one of our 12 services, our numerous campaigns, your Federated body, various social and philanthropic initiatives, and more, there’s something for everyone. For any questions or additional information, contact the SFUO Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@sfuo.ca

Current Volunteering Opportunities – 101 Week

Every September, the SFUO and the Federated Bodies host 101 Week. This annual event welcomes all incoming students newly enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Ottawa with a full week of events. Over 1000 students volunteer every year to make 101 Week a success.

Volunteering Opportunities include:

101 Week FED guide
During 101 Week, FED guides play a role in the larger scale events throughout the week. This team of guides is recruited by the SFUO and whether it’s helping to set up the stage for the large concert, greeting and talking to the new students, or running activities at a Carnival, FED guides are crucial to help make this week possible. FED guide recruitment begins in May, contact the SFUO Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@sfuo.ca) for information on how to apply!

101 Week Guide with your Federated Body
During 101 week, federated body guides are in charge of supervising their respective 101 Week events, the orientation of new students in their department, as well as being a student ambassadors. Every year, 101 Week Guide recruitment can start as early as April, so contact your Federated Body to get more information on how to apply!

Safety Ambassadors
101 Week is a high paced and busy week with over 5000 participants. The SFUO recruits a small team of Safety Ambassadors to supervise 101 Week activities and ensure the safety of 101 Week participants. Recruitment for Safety Ambassador positions can begin as early as May of every year, contact the SFUO president (president@sfuo.ca) for details on how to apply and for more information.

SFUO Services and Departments
Each of the SFUO’s services and departments play a role in 101 Week by hosting events, tabling and promoting their mandate and initiatives, and more. If you’re interested in getting involved with one the SFUO’s 12 services or the Campaigns department during 101 Week, contact their coordinators!

Promotions Team

Are you energetic? Well-spoken? Motivated? If you answered yes to any of these, you definitely belong in the Promotions Team! It’s the bridge between the Student Federation’s initiatives and the U of O students.

By means of class presentations, promo blitzes and poster/flyer distribution, the Promo Team spreads the word about everything your student union offers: events like the Winter Challenge, SFUO concerts, various campaigns about tuition fees, sustainability, consent, 12 service centers such as iHouse and Peer Help, and 4 student businesses like your student bar 1848.

On top of doing all U of O students a favor, volunteering with the Promo Team has a few nice treats: snacks and beverages at meetings and “poster runs”, free entry to events or concerts that you promoted… not to mention the possibility of being nominated for an award at the annual Volunteer Gala if you’re dedicated! Your commitment might get your foot in the door for job opportunities at the SFUO and on campus.

Join the team: Send us an email at promo@sfuo.ca!

Federated Bodies

The SFUO is the undergraduates’ student union here at the University of Ottawa. Under the SFUO, there are 26 Federated Bodies, the student associations that represent you at the departmental and faculty level.  Each undergraduate student belongs to a Fed Body (if you have a double major, you may belong to two!) and these associations are successful and influential on our campus because of the hard work of many volunteers. To get involved with your Federated Body, contact their student executive for more information.


Every year, the SFUO recruits a team of volunteers in charge of planning, promoting and executing various Social and Philanthropic events on the University of Ottawa campus. In collaboration with the SFUO VP Social, Volunteer Coordinator and Philanthropic Coordinator, PartiParty events include Movember, Winter Challenge, Relay for Life, End of Year Bash, Volunteer Gala, and the possibility of so much more.  This team is given creative freedom to create events that UO Students want to see on their campus. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to meet new people, have a great time and contribute to social programming on your campus. Fill out the application here!

Philanthropic Initiatives

The SFUO participates in various Philanthropic Initiatives, including Relay for Life, Shinerama and Movember. These campaigns at the University of Ottawa would not be possible without the help of countless volunteers. Contact the SFUO Philanthropic Coordinator (philanthropic@sfuo.ca) for more information on how to get involved.

SFUO Departments and Services

The SFUO has various departments and services that are always looking for volunteers!

  • Check out the twelve SFUO Services to find out more about their mandates and various volunteering opportunities.
  • The SFUO Campaigns Department is dedicated to the principles of activism and social responsibility and work on a number of adopted campaigns, which includes campaigns that run in collaboration with the SFUO services, with the Canadian Federation of Students, as well as other action groups on campus. They are also a service and resource for students who wish to develop their own campaign to improve the campus community. Contact campaigns@sfuo.ca to find out how to get involved.
  • Zoom Productions is the SFUO’s student media service and digital video production house. Check out their website to find out how you can get involved.
  • The SFUO Promotions Department is responsible for the promotion of the SFUO, its events, businesses, campaigns and services. Through class talks, flyer distribution, tabling, postering and more, the “Promo team” is always looking for volunteers. Contact promo@sfuo.ca for more information.
  • The University of Ottawa has a campus at Roger-Guindon (RGN), where many Nursing, Medicine and Health Science students call home. The SFUO host events, facilitates communication and offers services to the students on this campus. Contact the RGN Coordinator (rgn@sfuo.ca) to find out more about RGN volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer Scholarship

The SFUO and University of Ottawa Alumni Association awards five scholarships every year to deserving on-campus student volunteers. Please visit the scholarship webpage or contact scholarships@sfuo.ca for more information.