How it Works

“When you arrive, you will be greeted by staff or volunteers who will ask what you need to fix that day. We’ll get your bike on a work stand, run through some tests, diagnose the problem, and then help you fix it! If you would like to figure things out on your own instead, we have great bike maintenance books in our library that cover everything from 1940’s Italian road bikes to carbon fibre mountain bikes. Need to replace a part? Find a used one in our shop, buy a new one on site, or order weekly from our massive Babac Parts Catalogue.”

Though we have new parts for you to purchase, we encourage you to first try doing repairs with used parts to make it not only easier on your wallet, but to reduce overall waste & consumption. After all cycling is a sustainable act in itself!

Who can use the bike coop

“Everybody! We are a service of the SFUO, so current Undergraduate students & staff at uOttawa are automatic members. Graduate students, alumni, and non-uOttawa associated community members can become members for $5/year. “


We regularly host fun and exciting events all year long. Some of our most notable events include: the Bike Rave, Bike-in Movies, Bike Brewery Tours, Spring Prep Day and our Tour de France rides.

For scheduling of our workshops and events, please visit our Facebook page or email us.


We could not run the Bike Coop without our trusty volunteers. Interested in gaining experience in a real bike shop, helping with events, and meeting lots of awesome & active people? Volunteer at the Bike Coop! Shifts can be any length or time but must average out to 4 hours every 2 weeks to use the discount. We always need people of all skill levels to:

Perks: Free Coop t-shirt, 50% off our parts catalogue (after 2 week probation period), free workshops, official UOttawa volunteer hours, and prizes! Shifts can be any length or time but must average out to 4 hours every 2 weeks to use the discount.

If you’re a current UOttawa student, sign up for our placement and record your hours on your CGCE account. These hours show up on your transcript, and look great on a resume.

How to Sign Up

How to Enter Hours



Donated bicycle parts are free for member use! First come first served. We ask that members use this freedom reasonably and without the intent of personal profit. We encourage donated parts, which can be dropped off at the Coop or at the SFUO main office in the University Centre (85 University Pvt, Room 07). Any parts not available second hand are available to purchase at the Bike Coop.