Bilingualism Audit

Why carry out an audit?

Since its creation, the University of Ottawa has been a bilingual institution of education for the benefit of communities from both official languages of Canada. This is a source of pride for the university and its students. However, many students notice that there is a lack of courses and educational material in their official language.

Apart from a shortage of academic material, some students have talked about the difficulty in integrating student life in French due to a lack of bilingual events and posters.

Furthermore, it has been several years since the university has undertaken a serious study on bilingualism on campus. Data on the availability of academic programs, language of textbooks and cultural activities are unknown and sometimes not even collected.

In order to better serve every member of the university’s community, the SFUO wishes to carry out an audit about bilingualism on campus. This audit aims to promote transparency and ensure linguistic equality not only from the university, but also from the SFUO and various student organizations for the good of the whole community.

Making yourself heard


The survey targets the state of bilingualism, students’ expectations, impressions, and their needs.

Once the town halls end, the working group will create a survey about the state of bilingualism.

This survey will be distributed to students, after which a serious study of data collected will be undertaken.

For more information about the forthcoming survey, please check this site again soon.

Bilingualism Audit Working Group

If you wish to get involved in the bilingualism audit, you can do so by joining the Bilingualism Audit Working Group. The working group is a group of students passionate about linguistic equality who want the audit to be responsibly and fairly managed.

Members of the Group will work primarily on analyzing data collected during the survey as well as writing recommendations following the survey.

For more information, contact the Vice-President Equity, Nicole Desnoyers, or the Bilingualism Centre.

Town Halls

We strongly advise students who wish to have their voices heard to participate. This is the ideal opportunity to speak out about the state of bilingualism and linguistic accessibility of services, programs, and activities on our campus.

Two town halls will be schedule and posted on our website soon and on the Bilingualism Center Facebook page. Stay tuned!

The SFUO invites all the community to participate. Only through a large turnout can a representative and efficient study be achieved.