10 Reasons You Should Learn French While At uOttawa

June 2, 2017

1. Your friends will freak out because there’s no more space in that mandatory class they need to graduate…

And you’ll think to yourself, “meh, no biggie, I’ll just take it in French”…

2. You’ll receive 1000$ bonus to study in a cool language.

3. You can hang out on campus and overhear secret conversations in French and people won’t know you understand them.

4. Job prospects will multiply and you’ll no longer be stuck eating the free White Cheddar knock-off KD you stocked up on during 101 week.

5. You can sing along to the Oh Canada at Gee-Gee games and not feel super out of place half way through.

6. No more getting lost in translation with uOttawa staff!

7. When people stop and ask you for directions on campus you can be a superhero and help anyone! (Well, sorta. Campus is a maze in either language…)

8. You’ll even be able to do a year abroad! You had me at Bonjour anyone?

9. Google Translate will become obsolete.

10. When people are impressed by your bilingualism you’ll be like: “thank you”

But secretly you’ll be like “YAAAAASSSS!”

Visit the Bilingualism Centre to level up your bilingualism!