Update of the Elections Committee

February 10, 2017

To the SFUO student membership,

We are addressing you as the Elections Committee. Our committee is comprised of 4 BoA Faculty Directors who were elected by the Board of Administration.

During the week of February 6th-10th there were complaints presented to the Elections Office, as a result, the Elections Director made a decision to address the complaints. There have been 5 disqualifications:

Jordan Kent (Social Sciences), Michele Di Franco (Social Sciences), Davis Schwartz (Social Sciences), David Gallo (Telfer) and Jeremy Russell (Sciences). The members Jordan Kent, David Gallo and Davis Schwartz have been reinstated as candidates after a decision made by the Elections Committee.

Michele Di Franco and Jeremy Russell were not reinstated in their roles as candidates, and are currently disqualified from the elections. However, they have made a request to appeal the committee’s decision, which is to be brought to the BoA.

We wish to inform you that the BoA will meet on Monday, February 13th à 6:00pm to discuss the appeals that have been brought in regards to the disqualifications.

In the interim, the count of votes will still take place tonight for the following faculties:

As well as the following positions:

The counting of ballots for the faculties of Social Sciences and Sciences will only occur once the BoA has met and ruled on the appeals brought forward.

The reasoning for the delay in the BoA meeting is due to a clause in the SFUO constitution that obligates us to wait two business days after an emergency meeting has been called.

If you have any questions pertaining to this matter, please send an email to boa@sfuo.ca and bring it to the attention of the Elections Committee in your subject line.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,
The Elections Committee


Hello all,

This statement is meant to follow the original statement made by the Elections Committee. We have received confirmation that the Social Sciences appeal has been retracted. The appeal from Science is still in place, therefore the Science ballots will still be counted only after the emergency BoA meeting on Monday the 13th of February.

The Social Sciences ballots will be counted tonight, along with the remainder of the faculties and executive positions.

Please send an email to boa@sfuo.ca to the attention of the Elections Committee if you have any questions.

The Elections Committee