May 15, 2017

Welcome to the SFUO Blog!

This blog will serve as a tool to educate students about the events and services offered by the SFUO. We will explore the resources offered by the SFUO and post behind-the-scenes vlogs made by the SFUO Executives.

In addition, we have partnered with several organizations that will write guest blogs on this site. For example, le Regroupement Etudiant Franco-Ontarien has agreed to provide us with their commentary on francophone cultural issues that impact uOttawa students. Lastly, this blog will showcase the thoughts and work of individual students.

We are excited to launch this project because we believe that the Student Federation exists to engage students and foster a sense of community at uOttawa. We look forward to using this blog to document what happens at the SFUO. Keep reading, and you might become surprised at what the SFUO has to offer!

Best wishes,

The SFUO Executive