The proliferation of Internet gambling and casinos where you can play on the Internet has generated a new market on different platforms in recent years. Thus, online casino websites increase their offerings to consumers, but the whole realm comprised of entertainment becomes for the online world.

In fact, our most basic habits pass through the world of URLs. Eventually, the whole world is hosted “on the air”. And, consequently, the increased money invested in these areas makes not only our country, but the whole world follows this trend.

As experts in artificial intelligence have said, the world is inside a screen. Be it a cell phone, a tablet or a house. In fact, our children and our offspring will have -and certainly already have- a reality much more amplified than ours. Just think about studying or shopping.

Internet Users

Obviously, online casinos and the fate of gambling have already been covered in the course of technological development. Therefore, the entire gambling and casino industry is more than ever before a network that we can see, touch, and even consult. However, investments have clearly shifted from physical banking to online banking networks, where it is certainly possible to invest.

The roulette of chaos in 1908

Exactly 111 years ago, back in 1908, the mathematician Henri Poincaré published his book “Science and Method” and revolutionized the world of mathematics. Poincaré pondered our ability to make predictions, among other things.  Thus, one of his objects of the study was roulette.

Henri Poincare
Henri Poincaré

Poincaré, mathematics and science

According to statements by a mathematician of international relevance during the International Congress of Mathematicians 2018, “Mathematics is about beautiful things.” In this instance, Étienne Ghys mentioned Poincare as a person who changed the world of mathematics. According to the cited publication, the award-winning researcher and professor, Étienne Ghys, also added during the International Congress of Mathematicians that: “not everything is formulas” within this exact science.

Étienne Ghys
Étienne Ghys

How so? He noticed that the casino queen, although she gives the sensation that moves on account of fate due to the micro intervals existing in the ball’s initial speed, is only an illusion. Indeed, they generate transcendent effects in relation to where the ball finishes its dance.

ICM 2018

Thus, during the second half of the 20th century, this contemplation transformed the notions of time and space through mathematics. Certainly, this appreciation opened the door to one of the fundamental concepts within chaos theory. Thus, Poincare focused on examining the limits of predictability in physical and biological systems, considering the binding of this principle of initial variation.

Later, with chaos theory already in full formation, the link between that roulette wheel and the development of the theory persisted.

Curious students in 1970

An even more relevant fact is that during the 1970s, more curious about the approach to chaos theory had already introduced computers inside casino establishments. These scientific inquisitive were J. Doyne Farmer and Robert Shaw. The goal at the time was to test their devices. The roulettes had their combinations to work in those establishments.

Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw
J. Doyne Farmer
J. Doyne Farmer

But besides confirming this fact, they wanted to test the same intervals discovered by Poincare in 1908. Thus, to find algorithms that could explain the roulette wheels and complex systems for measuring behaviour. If their hypotheses were right, they could predict very relevant results in their investigations and, consequently, within chaos itself.

In this way, they were protagonists of the first investigation focused on evidencing the link between the prediction of motion and a given point. That is the seed of the theory known today as Chaos Theory.