CSD’s Campaigns require a great deal of support from volunteers, and input from students who face challenges related to these campaigns on campus. Please contact us if you’d like to join our volunteer team, or if you’d like to do a consultation with us concerning your thoughts on one or more of our campaigns.

Active Living Campaign

The active living campaign, which will be launched in fall 2012, will advocate for more accessible sports services on campus, so that students with disabilities can enjoy the same fitness opportunities as other students.

This campaign will include consultations with students who do face barriers in accessing sports services on campus. Check back to our website or contact us for consultation processes!

Last year, following the initiative of a uOttawa student, CSD worked to lobby for an accessible pool lift to be installed in the Montpetit Pool. This was achieved, and should be available for students starting in the Fall semester of 2012. We want to take the momentum from the pool lift and continue to expand accessible programming on campus for students with disabilities.

Mental Health Campaign

The mental health campaign is a campaign of the SFUO that is built on collaboration between CSD, the Mental Health Coalition, and other interested services, and works in partnership with the Mental Health Campaign of GSAED. This campaign aims to:


Please email for more information.

Other campaigns we may be working on in the fall of 2012 include an “Invisible Disabilities” campaign, which would strive to create awareness about and de-stigmatize invisible disabilities, and the continuation of Campus Accessibility Now! (the CAN! Campaign), which advocates for a more physically accessible campus.