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A visit to the Food Bank

Rules for using the Food Bank are as follows:

  1. Usage agreement SFUO Food Bank Rules and Regulations for Clients
  2. I understand that this food bank is an emergency service.
  3. I understand that I can use the food bank only once a month.
  4. I understand that there will be consequences if I do not respect the rules.
  5. I will respect the employees, the volunteers and the other clients.
  6. I understand that the food bank is a positive space and I have to refrain from behaviours that could be hurtful.
  7. I understand that the quantity of food can be modified during the course of the year without warning.
  8. I understand that the confidentiality of this service is essential for me and other clients.
  9. I understand that I cannot trade, exchange, or substitute received items.
  10. I understand that the food bank is often crowded and that I will need to wait patiently in the waiting area.
  11. I understand that due to space available and in the best interest of keeping food from going bad, I cannot store my received items in the food bank.
  12. If we cannot serve you there are directions to other food banks in the area under our food insecurity and links section

Confidentiality policy

Safe Space policy

The goal of this policy is to help maintain a safe space for clients, volunteers and staff of the Food Bank. The use of the Food Bank and the opportunity to work here, in any capacity, are privileges. The policy will provide a process for handling incidents that negatively affect the safety of those who use the space.

Inappropriate Behaviour and its Consequences

Food Bank Rules and Regulation state that those who are in the space must respect others sharing the space, and that they must do their best to avoid hurtful behaviour. The regulations also state that failure to follow these rules will result in consequences. This purpose of the policy is to define what is expected as respectful and appropriate behaviour by those who occupy the space, as well as the consequences for those who violate these regulations.

Prohibited Attitudes and Behaviours

Abuses such as harassment and assault are expressly prohibited.

Harassment is any conduct that is known to be unwelcome or ought to be reasonably recognized as such. Assault is a violent and/or offensive contact towards another person. Assault can be physical (such as but not limited to: shoving, grabbing, throwing objects), verbal (such as but not limited to: slurs, threats, yelling), or emotional and psychological (such as but not limited to: intimidating, belittling, behaviour causing anxiety,).

These abuses will not be tolerated and supervisors reserve the right to take any action they see fit in order to prevent and limit the occurrence of abuses in the space and towards those who occupy it. Clients, volunteers, staff, and visitors are expected to respect others by avoiding assaulting and harassing conduct towards others.

Respect also includes treating others as equals by avoiding attitudes, behaviours and language (intentional or unintentional) that stem from sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and xenophobia. Occupants are expected to follow the Service’s Safe Spaces Policy. Occupants should do their best to discourage these attitudes and behaviours while actively encouraging a positive and welcoming space.

It is prohibited for occupants to make use of the space to advocate for political, religious, ideological, or other personal convictions. While communication on these topics is not restricted, it should be discouraged if the communications are unwanted and/or offensive to a peer.



The supervisors reserve the right to expel occupants from the space by verbally asking them to leave or through the use of Protection Services if they repeatedly fail to adhere to the policy. Failure to adhere to the policy will result in escalating action on the behalf of the administrators of the Food Bank. The action will be as follows:

First Warning

If an incident occurs that fails to meet the expectations of the policy, a staff member will provide a verbal warning to that individual containing the following:

Instruction to stop the conduct or correct the attitude

Name the behaviour or attitude, and state why it is unacceptable if necessary

Explain that this is the First Warning and second occurrence may result in expulsion from the Food Bank for the remainder of the semester. The staff member will also complete an incident report (attached) and inform the other staff members.

Second and Final Warning

If a person fails to adhere to the policy for a second time, a staff member will:

Instruct the individual to stop the conduct or correct the attitude

Name the behaviour or attitude, and state why it is unacceptable if necessary

Explain that this is the Second and Final Warning and inform the person that the next violation of the policy will result in their expulsion for the rest of the term. The staff member will also complete an incident report (attached) and inform the other staff members.

Expulsion for the Term

If the person violates the policy a third time, they will be asked to leave (without food, if they are a client and have not been served yet) and not return until the following term. The staff member will complete an incident report and if they are a client, mark their file indicating the next date at which they can be served. The staff will also notify the Vice President of Student Affairs that someone has been expelled from the Food Bank.

Second Expulsion

If a person who has previously been expelled returns to the food bank in the following term they will be subject to the same process, but if they are expelled a second time, they will be asked to leave the food bank for an indefinite period of time.

It should be noted that any occupant of the space who feels at risk may use the security alarm to call Protection Services which hangs in the alcove by the cleaning supplies.


Find out what it takes to be a volunteer! Keep busy with a variety of activities and help us out in the UCU basement!

What we need volunteers for/ what your tasks will be:

  • Serve clients Emergency Food Hampers or fill-out Good Food Box orders
  • Do walk-abouts: place food on shelves, check expiry dates
  • Help out at events.
  • Sort food and process donations
  • Make posters, clean office, etc.
  • Meet new friends

Download the Volunteer form and e-mail a completed copy to foodbank@sfuo.ca!