Frequently Asked Questions

 As you may be aware, over the past two years the Ontario Association of Food Banks has been reviewing an online client intake program that could be used provincially to provide clear consistent reporting of food bank needs across the country.  As such, the OAFB have mandated that all members implement and use the Link2Feed client database platform.

Link2Feed is a centralized client database system that aims to assist food banks in achieving greater accuracy, efficiency and equality by helping to improve the reporting, and accessibility of real-time data. Once the system is in place it aims to reduce time demands for staff and volunteers while ensuring the equitable distribution of resources.

Agencies will be set-up with a secure agency account, where they can host client profiles. This account holds a 128-bit encryption that is equal to the strength of online banking, allowing agencies to move away from paper/ recipe cards. Once all profiles are created it can take as little as 20 seconds to record a visit.

Full-time, part-time or special students, undergraduate or graduate students, alumni employees, professors, teaching assistants… anyone who has ID affiliated with the University of Ottawa community.

It is possible however you will need government/university of Ottawa issued photo ID for each individual, the most preferable being your student ID. Once the verification of both identities has been made, any person added will be put on to their file for the next visit.

The food bank will not store food hampers for its clients. We are not your personal freezer. If they are waiting for a means to transport their hamper home, they can either arrange a pickup with someone or have somebody hold on to their food while they come back with a vehicle.

As a public service, the food bank is frequented by many people. As a result we highly encourage all users of the Food Bank to come with their own reusable bags, relying on the Food Bank for plastic bags will not guarantee that you will receive any.

Absolutely! The Food Bank accepts all clothes and books, just try and make sure they are in reasonable condition of usage before bringing them to the Food Bank for other people to take them.

It is when a community is in a state of food security when all its residents can reliably access healthy and nutritionally adequate food. Some common barriers to food security are: having a lower income, having to pay higher prices for better food choices, living too far from quality food sources, not having access to transportation or full mobility, or not having the knowledge or the space for preparing and storing food adequately.