Food insecurity is about access to food. Food insecurity happens when people do not have access to food because it is too expensive, not close by, or because they are unable to prepare it. Food must also be healthy and culturally acceptable for it to be secure. Most students experience food insecurity one time or another during their studies. Many students have a hard time affording healthy food, or find it difficult to shop properly because of the cost or distance they must carry their groceries home. And it’s not just students! Many people in Canada suffer from Food Insecurity. Below are several links to help you learn more about Food Insecurity and programs offered by the Food Bank.


  1. “Meal Exchange is a national youth-driven, registered charity that engages, educates and mobilizes youth to work with their communities in order to alleviate hunger locally and achieve food security. Its programs have been run in over 100 communities across Canada and generated over $3 million worth of food.” Also see Meal Exchange’s short video which defines and explains Food Insecurity.
  2. Find out all you need to know about Ottawa’s Good Food Box program which is run by the Centretown Community Health Centre.
  3. How to find a Food Bank near you!


The SFUO Food Bank serves hundreds of students each month. The Food Bank strives to alleviate hunger and stress related to food insecurity on campus while furthering community awareness about food security.

We have food drives, food security awareness events and volunteering opportunities throughout the year!