Do you like meeting new people?  Do you want to get involved in the university community?  Come volunteer with us!  With Foot Patrol, there are scholarship opportunities, events, volunteer appreciation, and you’ll get lots of leadership, communication, and time management skills by volunteering with us!

Come visit our office across from the University Bookstore to find out more!


Anyone can become a Foot Patrol volunteer!  We have an ever growing team of volunteers who are trained as patrollers and dispatchers in order to keep our service running smoothly.


When you arrive at the office for your shift, you’ll pair up with another volunteer.  Together you’ll hang out in the office, patrol campus, and of course walk people home!  We provide snacks for volunteers on shift.

When you’ve been with the service for a few months and if you’re functionally bilingual, you’ll be eligible to be a dispatcher.  This means you’ll have the responsibility of running a shift and delegating tasks to patrollers as well as communicating with members of the university community and Protection Services.  This role requires further training and can be discussed with any staff member.


We ask our patrollers to complete at least one shift of three hours each week for a total of nine hours of patrolling each month.  This means that you can take one week off every month.

We are always looking for new volunteers during the school year.  Several training sessions are held throughout the year, mostly in the fall.  Give us a call or drop by our office to find out about the next training session and to fill out an application form!


As a Foot Patrol volunteer you will patrol the main and RGN campuses.  Transportation is provided to RGN.


Why not?  Volunteering is a great experience and you’ll benefit from a wide range of scholarships, awards, events, and other volunteer appreciation.  As a volunteer you’ll develop skills like leadership, time management, communication skills and you’ll learn your way around downtown Ottawa!  You’ll also have a chance to give back to your university community and make a difference in the lives of those working and studying around you!


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Foot Patrol volunteers are a group of people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Nevertheless, we (volunteers) are able to work together for the good of our campus. For me, this is the reason that I love to volunteer at Foot Patrol more than any other place!

– Rebecca, volunteer

Being an active volunteer and having worked with the service since 2006, it is obvious that there are many reasons to stay with the Foot Patrol program—new friendships and fun evenings are only a few.

This service is not only for students but also for anyone who would like to use it, and the same goes for volunteers.

– David, University of Ottawa alumnus

I’m Shirley and I am a volunteer for Foot Patrol. I have been volunteering with the service for two years and I love it! Through Foot Patrol, I have met many wonderful people and made many great friends! On top of being a volunteer, I also use the walk-home service that we offer. So, after my night classes, I will get back home safely with my pre-registered walks. If you like volunteering and want to learn more about Ottawa, Foot Patrol is the thing for you! It doesn’t matter where you are from or what you are taking, the service welcomes everyone. Join Foot Patrol now!

– Shirley

I have been a volunteer at Foot Patrol since October 2009 and I love to come in, week after week, whether on my regular shift or to cover a replacement. Everyone is so enjoyable: patrollers, dispatchers and walks. It’s a fun opportunity to focus away from schoolwork for a couple of hours a week to mingle and meet other awesome individuals. I ♥ Foot Patrol!