2018 – 2019


Resigned November 3, 2018


VP External

Paige Booth

Paige Booth is a social sciences student studying Political Science and Psychology. Paige is passionate about fighting for student rights and accessible education. As VP External, some of her duties include overseeing the Student’s Rights Center, being responsible for the scholarship program including Student of the Month and other volunteer scholarships, acting as the official liaison between federated bodies and the executive committee as well as organizing General Assemblies and Town Halls. In addition to these tasks, Paige is the official representative for the SFUO (local 41) at the Canadian Federation of Students and works to maintain good relations with the Sandy Hill community by attending various community groups. Paige meets regularly with university administration to advocate in the best interest of students in what concerns her mandate and just so happens to be a student representative on the Senate of the University. Paige loves passionate students who strive for positive change, so feel free to contact her anytime!

VP Operations

Resigned – October 27, 2018


VP Internal

Resigned – September 22, 2018


VP Social

Faduma Wais

Hello fellow Gee-gees! My name is Faduma Wais and I am the Vice President Social here at the SFUO. My responsibilities include: hosting an eventful 101 week for incoming first years on campus, organizing fun sports tournaments with the Vice President Operations, planning exciting galas with the executive team to give back to our amazing federated bodies, volunteers, and honour those who have worked hard volunteering for our campus/ federation.

What I would like to accomplish this year is to:

• Engage students to come out to our varsity athletes home games and support our fellow Gee-gees

• Raise school spirit by having students participate in many social events hosted on campus by our departments, services, and executives

• Have higher attendance to our events and to ensure that students are heard for what they want to see on campus.

Have a cool idea you want as a social event on campus? Send an email to: vp.social@sfuo.ca

VP Equity

Resigned – September 9, 2018