About Us

Our mandate

The SFUO recognizes the ecological crisis that humanity faces. Based on the recognition that universities and university students have a responsibility as leaders to find and implement solutions, the Sustainable Development Centre was created. The Centre aims to minimize the ecological footprint of the SFUO and to change the mindset of students on campus to ensure that our use of resources today does not restrict their use by future generations and currently marginalized groups.

We use an intersectional approach, recognizing that environmental and social injustices are intrinsically linked.  Attempts to achieve sustainability and environmental justice occur on a variety of levels, including reforms to operations, events and activities as well as awareness-raising, skills building and action campaigns. The Sustainable Development Centre is committed to encouraging responsible behaviour on-campus and off-campus, including community building and lobbying for environmental-social justice at all levels of government.

The Sustainable Development Centre exists to foster a community working towards sustainability and environmental justice at the University of Ottawa. We strive to provide a space where many voices of the community, particularly marginalized voices, can be heard. We do not only run our own projects, but also act as a resource and support centre for environmental and social justice groups on campus and students wishing to take action on their own.

Long-term goals

Our successes

These are just examples of what we’ve been able to accomplish since we opened our doors.  Stay tuned for more successes to come!