Food Alternatives

The Food Alternatives Campaign started in 2011, and has been a primary focus for our centre ever since. By increasing alternatives for healthy and local food, this campaign aims to gradually achieve a fair, healthy and sustainable food system on campus and in the wider Ottawa community.

This year:


For further information or how to help feel free to contact


For further information on local food initiatives in the Ottawa Community visit:

Bottled-Water Free Campus

Success! In March 2010, the University of Ottawa administration signed a document restricting the sale of bottled water on campus and committing to invest $75,000 to install fountains and make public water accessible on campus. In 2015, we relaunched the campaign to remind people that our campus is bottled-water free.

For more information or to get a free reusable water bottle, drop by the Sustainable Development Centre located in UCU 215-F.


The University of Ottawa, through the Endowment fund, has millions of dollars invested in the tar sands and ethically suspect mining companies. Our centre supports calls for the university to divest itself from these companies. Our work on this file is mainly done through fossil free uOttawa, an action group of OPIRG. Fossil Free uOttawa can be contacted at: or visited at



Our centre works in solidarity with Indigenous and Canadian Studies Students Association (ICSSA) and the Indigenous Students Association (ISA) in support of their demands for the decolonization of the uOttawa campus. This campus is located on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory – meaning no treaty covering this region was ever signed. The colonial mindset creates a space in which environmental destruction can run amok, and therefore it is important to confront both issues concurrently.

Email or for more information.