Our online casino Sfuo has been created from the ground up with you, the student, in mind. We give you an immersive and fun gaming experience that serves all your financial needs, a place where everything is local and fast. Gamers across the continent will be able to benefit from our unique approach to gaming, whether you are a big player or just starting out.

Work In Casino

However, we also want to invite you to see the world of online gambling from a different perspective.

This means that achieving our goal is impossible without creating jobs and opening new opportunities for you, the student!

With our innovative and interactive online learning co-operative, you’ll develop new skills and explore your passions while growing your future career.

At the moment, we have such open positions:

  • Online Marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Account Manager

So send in your application today, and we’ll be sure to get back to you.