Our Services

In addition to our 14 service centres, the SFUO offers several other services to enhance student life.


The Universal Bus Pass is your portal to the City of Ottawa.

Health Plan

Your SFUO executive negotiated an affordable health plan to meet your needs. For more information on your coverage and on how to place a claim, check out our health plan website.

Zoom Productions

This is the multimedia department of the SFUO. Check out their amazing work!

Service Centres

The SFUO has 12 services that contribute to enriching your student experience.

Bike Co-op

The Bike Co-op provides an all-inclusive, do-it-yourself work space for beginners to experts, with all the tools and expertise needed to fix or build your bicycle. Through our workshops, cycling resources, advocacy, and outreach we promote healthy sustainable living, while helping students and community members take control of their transportation.


Food Bank

Our student-run food bank provides emergency food relief to members of the university community who face a precarious financial situation. The Food Bank is a confidential service that serves anyone with a uOttawa card.


Peer Help Centre

With its dynamic team of volunteers, the Centre provides students with academic, social and personal support through several services. If you need support, call our confidential phone line at: 613-562-5604


Sustainable Development Centre

The Sustainable Development Centre encourages engagement in environmental justice issues and campaigns. The centre provides sustainable resources for events, including reusable dishes and water jugs.


Bilingualism Centre

The Bilingualism Centre advocates for better linguistic rights for students. The centre also offers French and English tutoring and cultural events.


Foot Patrol

Foot Patrol is a student service that provides you with a safe walk or bus ride to your destination.


Pride Centre

The Pride Centre was established to provide a safe, comfortable, non-biased and positive environment for those who identify as queer, including the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transsexual, transgender, two-spirit, intersexed and questioning communities and their allies.



UOSERT provides a 24/7 emergency medical response service on main campus, as well as event coverage and first aid trainings.


The Racialized and Indigenous Students Experience Centre.


Centre for Students with Disabilities (CLOSED)

The Centre for Students with Disabilities promotes the independence of students with disabilities on campus, and organizes various campaigns and accessible social events. In addition, the centre provides support to campus organizers by helping make their activities and student spaces accessible.


The Multi-Faith Centre is a space which supports the spiritual well-being of everyone on campus and works to increase our understanding of and respect for religious beliefs and practices. It also provides opportunities for people to learn from each other while exploring questions of meaning, purpose and identity.


International House

International House is a fun, student-run service that promotes cultural diversity and acceptance of all cultural, ethnic and racial groups on campus. It serves international students and anyone interested in going around the world while staying on campus.


Student Rights Centre

We offer confidential advocacy services to all students facing problems with the University of Ottawa and who wish to file an appeal or a complaint. We also offer educational initiatives regarding academic and human rights.


Women’s Resource Centre

The Women’s Resource Centre is an inclusive, non-judgmental, pro-choice, and feminist drop-in space. The Centre supports community members (women, trans* folk and men) who want to work together to challenge gender oppression on campus.