Our physical space

The Pride Centre is wheelchair accessible and is mostly accessible to persons with mobility impairments. There are two sets of stairs nearby with handrails, and an elevator accessible via either the UCU, Montpetit, or Morrisset that will get you to our office if you follow the signage. Our space (UCU 215C) is located in front of the women’s washroom near the Terminus (2nd floor UCU) and our door is also marked in Braille.

Our events

We try to pick movies with sub-titles for our movie nights as much as possible – this information is included in event details. If our event requires physical activity, walking off-campus, or accessing other venues, we also include this information on the event details.

Ongoing work

The staff and volunteers of the Pride Centre maintain good lines of communication with the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) (link to CSD site). We know that making our space and events more accessible is a process that requires us to learn more about barriers, and we are happy to try and provide any accommodations our members might need.

Just let us know what we can do and we’ll do our best to make our centre as barrier-free as possible!