Gender Inclusive Washrooms

What are Gender Inclusive Washrooms?

Gender Inclusive Washrooms can be created in a couple of different forms – either single stall or multi-stall. They are essentially washrooms that are not designated as being strictly for men or women. We are striving to increase the quantity of both of these washrooms on our campus, all the while maintaining the many gendered washrooms we currently have.

Who are Gender Inclusive Washrooms for? /Why are Gender Inclusive Washrooms so important?

Quite simply, Gender Inclusive Washrooms are for anybody! The Gender Inclusive Washroom campaign aims to ensure that everybody feels safe on our campus regardless of their sex, gender identity, or gender expression.

In particular, trans* or gender variant students frequently face harassment, discrimination, and/or discomfort in washrooms that are designated “male” or “female”. Gender Inclusive Washrooms means everyone can have a washroom to use without risking being told they’re in the “wrong” one!

Where can I find Gender Inclusive Washrooms on our campus?

Click here to view a document of all Gender Inclusive Washrooms on our campus!

Continuing Effort

The Pride Centre along with the Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) and SFUO Campaigns are working on increasing the number of Gender Inclusive Washroom and change rooms on our campus.

Get involved!

If you’d like to help us in our efforts to increase the presence and awareness of Gender Inclusive Washrooms on our campus, send us an email!