The services provided by the Pride Centre are:

Are you feeling confused, unsure, and a little lost? Are you looking for a liaison to the queer and/or trans* communities or maybe just looking for someone to talk to? If so, the Pride Center’s Buddy-Up with Pride mentoring program is what you’re looking for!

Mentors can help you build friendships, provide support, encouragement, and can help you scope out the queer community in Ottawa.
*Buddy-Up with Pride is a confidential program.
*Mentors are also welcome.

To join, send us an email with “Buddy Up With Pride” in the subject line.

Come by the Pride Centre anytime during open office hours and

  • get to know new people
  • share your experiences
  • watch a movie
  • have a bite to eat
  • play some games
  • browse our library
  • make friends!


Hours of operation: Monday to Friday – 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Throughout every semester, the Pride Centre hosts a wide range of events and activities that are open to all members of the university community.

Our regular socials include:

  • free movies nights
  • board game nights
  • discussion groups
  • inexpensive outings in the area
  • seasonal/themed parties
  • other various fun activities!


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details.

The Pride Centre has an extensive library of books and DVDs that are available to the student body.

Our catalogue of books is available to browse through the Morisset search engine, though you need to contact the Centre directly if you wish to inquire about the availability of a book.  You can also come by the Centre and browse our shelves or ask a staff member or a volunteer to help you find what you’re looking for.  All you need to take a book out of our library is a piece of ID and a phone number or email to reach you in case the book is late.  All book loans are for three weeks and should be returned to the Pride Centre, not to Morisset.

Our DVDs may not leave the Pride Centre, but we have a television and DVD player, and you are always welcome to come in and watch a movie here.  If you know in advance that you want to watch a particular movie at a particular time, you are more than welcome to reserve the television for that time slot, to ensure that it is available for you.  If you know that you will need a title for a class presentation or other specific event, please contact a staff member to make special arrangements.

The Pride Centre offers a confidential one-on-one active listening service to community members in need of a sympathetic ear.  Our staff members have been trained in Active Listening, and we offer non-judgmental support to help you address any aspect of your sexual orientation, love life, identity, and/or gender. If you would like to come in and talk, you can book in advance via e-mail, phone, or come by our office. To get confidential access, come in the 215 room of the University Centre, and knock on our office door (215-B). The staff present will ask people in the office to leave and let you in for a one-on-one talk.

Please note that we are not qualified counselors, we are simply students who may have gone through similar issues that you’re facing.  If you are in need of more intense or specific help, we are happy to refer you to any of the other services offered on campus, such as:

Peer Help

  • Active listening
  • Peer support phone line:  613-562-5604  (operated from 7:00pm to 11:00pm)
  • Referral services to mental health professionals


Health Promotion

  • Active listening
  • Referral services
  • Community access services


Student Academic Success Service

  • Counseling
  • Coaching

We are also happy to provide contact information for external community services—please see our Links page for details, or contact us if you have any specific questions.

The Pride Centre offers two types of workshop: internal (for our members) and external (for faculties, associations, etc).

Our internal workshops are usually small, fun, and deal with topics that are relevant to the queer experience. Visit our Facebook page to learn more details.

Our external workshops are offered as needed when we are approached by an organization that wants a workshop offered on a particular topic.  In the past, we have done presentations for OPIRG, students in medicine, human sexual behaviour classes, the Faculty of Arts Student Executive, and the Res Student’s Association, and others.  Often, these workshops deal with issues of homophobia and heterocentricity, but we are happy to present whichever topic is requested.  Please contact us for more