Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, get involved in the community, and have fun! It also looks great on your résumé! It gives you leadership and organizational experience and also demonstrates your reliability and responsibility.  When you’re looking for a job, the Pride Centre staff can be an excellent reference!

The SFUO’s Volunteer of the Year program also provides a small bursary and a Volunteer Gala for an honouree(s) at the end of the year.  It’s a great opportunity for us to show off our volunteers, and a great way for you to enjoy the community and SFUO recognition for your efforts.


The main responsibility of office volunteers is to be in the drop-in space and to be friendly and welcoming to whoever comes by to visit.  It can be scary coming into the Pride Centre for the first time, so the Office Volunteer will make the experience as welcoming as possible.  They will also use the library software to manage loans, and also answer any questions that people may have about the Centre and the services we offer.
Social volunteers help plan and run Pride Centre social activities and clean up afterwards.  These volunteers may have the opportunity to host an event under the guidance of a Pride Centre employee.  This is a great way to get leadership experience!
Discussion groups are an important part of the Pride Centre’s programming.  They can cover a wide range of topics (some of which are controversial or delicate).  Discussion volunteers will co-facilitate discussion groups, ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak and ensure that the Safer Space Policy is being adhered to at all times.
Throughout the year, the Pride Centre participates in a number of info-fairs and workshops both on and off campus under the direction of the Outreach and Resources Supervisor.  Outreach volunteers will represent the Pride Centre and assist with these presentations and info-fairs.
Whether it’s World AIDS Day or Campus Pride Week, none of the special events hosted by the Pride Centre would be possible without the dedication of our event volunteers.  The duties and responsibilities of the volunteers will depend on the event in question. If you would like to get involved with a specific event, let us know!
The Pride Centre is a fun place to hang out and be creative! We are always on the lookout for creatively inclined people to help us create promotional material, make decorations, and ensure our space looks good. If you have any ideas or artistic talent, share them with the Pride Centre!
If you’re a returning student at the University of Ottawa and you want to make a difference in the life of a new student, then this program is for you!  You will make a great new friend and show them around the community that you love – especially the queer community and the Pride Centre!


Get involved!

As a volunteer, you can commit to as many or as few hours as you’d like and will never be assigned to a project that doesn’t interest you.  We provide full training and try to keep the workload light and fun—our volunteers are the core of the Centre and we want to keep them happy. Additionally, you can add your volunteer hours to your co-curricular record or use our centre as a placement with a class.

If you want to get involved in the Pride Centre, send us an email or come and see us in person.