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Students voted in favour of a Universal Student Bus Pass Program by referendum in 2010. This means that all full-time uOttawa students who live in Ottawa and Gatineau are charged for this student bus pass at a significantly lower rate than OC Tranpo and STO’s regular and express passes. The cost of the U-Pass today is still less expensive than a semester pass was back in 2010.

In 2016, a referendum passed to put into effect a summer U-Pass for all full time undergraduate students attending the University of Ottawa.

“Do you agree that each student registered full time in a summer session contribute $192.70 with a maximum increase of 2.5%/year for a summer U-Pass, which will be valid from May 1st to August 31st, beginning on May 1st 2016?

With the success of the referendum, as of summer 2016, all full-time undergraduate and graduate students residing in the STO and OC Transpo’s areas of service are eligible for a U-Pass for the summer session.

How it started

The Pilot Program

In 2010, a referendum passed to run a pilot U-Pass program at Carleton University and here at the University of Ottawa. We, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO), entered into an agreement with the University of Ottawa, OC Transpo, and the Graduate Student Association (GSAÉD).

The program continued through a “Yes” vote on the referendum question:
“Are you in favour of contributing $145.00 per semester per full-time student for the creation of a mandatory U-Pass program?”

This lead to a three-year agreement between your student federations (SFUO and GSAÉD), the University of Ottawa, and OC Transpo.


After many requests to make the U-Pass program more inclusive for all students of the University of Ottawa, in the summer of 2015, OC Transpo entered an agreement with STO to include students residing in Gatineau STO service area to the U-Pass.program

As of fall 2015, all full-time students residing in the STO and OC Transpo’s areas of service are eligible for a U-Pass.

How the charge works

When you register for full-time courses at uOttawa, your university account should be automatically charged, unless you are not eligible for the U-Pass Program (see Eligibility for more details). Due to the validity of the card (September 1 – April 30), full-time students are charged the full amount in the Fall Semester. This means that even if you are only registered for full-time courses in the Fall Semester, you will still be charged the full amount. If you are not full-time until the Winter Semester, then you will be charged the half the full cost for the Winter Semester.

Once you pick up your card, the U-Pass fee is fixed onto your account.
If you drop down to part-time, withdraw from your studies completely, or graduate (congratulations!) you must return your U-Pass card to us (see Exemptions for more details).