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About the smart card

The U-Pass smart card started off as a pilot project during the summer 2016 semester. Due to its success, the U-Pass will now officially be a smart card for upcoming semesters.

How to use the smart card?

Students will need to tap their U-Pass on the card readers upon boarding the buses.

The smart card will be able to work on all STO and OC Transpo buses EXCEPT OC Transpo EXPRESS buses.

Please tap your pass on the card reader on board the bus and at O-Train station. On STO buses, please board at the front door and “tap on”

If students ride an OC Transpo Express bus, it is important that they do not tap. If students board by the front door, they simply show the operator their summer U-Pass.

Hotlisted U-Pass Smart Cards

U-Pass cards that have been stolen or lost will be hotlisted. Once the card has been hotlisted, it is no longer active and will therefore prevent any other individual from using the card. Any U-Pass replacements that is made automatically hotlists the previous card, consequently, the only U-Pass that is active is the most recent U-Pass that was acquired by the student.

Once a student becomes unregistered or drops down to part time, the U-Pass will automatically be hotlisted as the U-Pass is only available to full time students. If you are planning to drop down to part time or become unregistered, please ensure to submit an exemption form before September 30th along with your U-Pass if you picked it up.

Once you have picked up your U-Pass, no refunds will be processed after September 30th. Your U-Pass will be deactivated and the fee will remain on your account. Hence it is important to submit your exemption form before the deadline and return your U-Pass.

For more questions about the U-Pass smart card please e-mail us at