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Volunteer Program: Community involvement in learning


Want to get involved with the Women’s Resource Centre? Join our Action Team where you will get to learn about sexual health, reproductive health and ending gendered violence. We will work together on learning intersectional feminist theory, along with queer, race and disability thoughts, all through interactive workshops, reading circles and team building.

The WRC is a place where everyone, from all experiences, is welcome. Together, we form an active representative of intersectional, feminist and pro-choice presence on campus. We offer services of education, peer-to-peer learning and unlearning. As volunteers you won’t be confined to simple tasks; you will explore how you can learn and apply feminist thoughts in your day-to-day life to end oppression in our communities.

The Action Team is composed of 25 volunteers per semester, whom are dedicated to a three-hour shift per week. Along with your shift pals, you will work on personal projects involving your interests (art, dance, music, writing..) and link them to feminism. The Action Team has also the opportunity to write opinion pieces on our WordPress blog, run our Tumblr, talk to students about consent and sex positivity, rape culture and reproductive health. This is an opportunity for you to build a second home and to really connect with like-minded people.

If you have previously followed a volunteer training with us, please communicate with the Community Relations Coordinator to confirm and pass along your availability to begin your participation with the Action Team.

Download the application form.

As a Volunteer of the Action Team, you are required to apply by filling out an application. If short-listed, you will get an interview (on the phone or in person) to get to know you more and if you’re a right fit! We do this as places are limited for volunteer participation. You will need to commit to a three-hour shift a week. These are flexible, as you have three chances to miss your shift before needing to meet with the Community Relations Coordinator for accountability.

Following your joining of the team, you will be participating in a training to give you an introduction to anti-oppression notions and to the logistical outline of how the WRC works. You will bring a copy of your availability to this session, and the coordinator will provide you with your weekly shift shortly after. The trainings are given twice a year with two options for dates. There is always training on a weekday evening and one during the day on a weekend. The training is five and a half hours and it is mandatory to be a volunteer.


The first week of your volunteering will be an introduction to the Centre: where the reproductive health resources are, how the library works, where to keep you coat and bag, where the supplies are kept. You will also read some of the information pamphlets on safer sex, ending gendered violence, and a zine of your choice. You will receive a manual on safer sex supplies and how to use them.

The following week will be compromised of submitting a proposal for your individual project. What are you interested in?! From here, you can form a team that has similar passions that would relate to the Centre’s mandate. With this interest, you’ll develop an idea for a project. For example, if you love singing, maybe you could start a feminist choir that meets weekly! If you love blogging, maybe you could start a blog that talks about everything feminism. The time used to elaborate and to keep these projects is part of your volunteer time. This means during our quieter moments of the year, you have the opportunity to dedicate some time to your passionate feminist project.

You may want to bring your laptop or other things you’ll need to produce this work, or you can work from the library’s computers. You will elaborate a draft outline for what your project will be. The Community Relations Coordinator will review it and give you comments and suggestions to work from.


Your project can be:

  • An educational vlog (video blog)
  • A written piece for our WordPress / social media
  • A discussion group on something for students
  • A support group
  • An event
  • An outing
  • A workshop
  • A song
  • A flashmob
  • A zine


Your proposal will incorporate:

  • What your project is: a brief description of what and how you’re doing your project.
  • What material is needed? (ex: materials, promotion, space, tech)
  • What is the goal of this project?
  • How does this tie to the WRC and its mandate?


When you submit your proposal, the Community Relations Coordinator is going to set a meeting time to generate ideas!


You will be reading from our Volunteer Manual with the Community Relations Coordinator. In this manual, there are cool and interesting articles on feminism, race, queer and disability theory that are all part of learning about feminism (which is the goal of the Action Team, hint hint).

You will be helping to promote the Centre’s events, campaigns and services. This will be done through mini class presentations, tabling, promotion through social media, one-on-one mobilizing with flyers, putting up posters and more.

You will be participating at events organised by the WRC, as well as at any related events or workshops happening in the City. As Action Team, we will attend and support events for sex workers rights, reproductive health, sex positivity and more. We play an active role in supporting these initiatives and it is a crucial opportunity to work on your project.

Lastly, you will be helping around with the more tangible tasks such as cleaning the Centre, setting up tables and chairs, cleaning dishes, sorting library books. You will be trained on how to do this during the third week of volunteering.


As volunteers, you will have access to snacks, t-shirts, and water bottles. We treat you to athank you outing or potluck per semester. Furthermore, we give you the chance to log your hours and submit them to the Community Engagement Centre. We are also able to be references and write recommendation letters for future employment opportunities.

Every year, there is a Volunteer Gala dedicated to celebrate the 15 most dedicated volunteers: dancing, delicious food and great company to end the year with a bang!