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Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for your request to be planned and processed before the filming date. The script must be complete by the time filming starts, and it must be fully memorized by the parties participating in the video. The script must also be provided to Zoom staff in both French and English. Any graphics you require for your video must be made and given to Zoom staff before the filming of your video. Locations should be decided before shooting, but we are available to discuss the options and best locations for your film. Please ensure your video description not only includes the approximate length you wish the video to be, but also what you plan on using it for (ex: website, YouTube, etc), and the vision you have for the video (style, any angles you know you want it to feature, etc).
If Zoom is extremely busy, we can not guarantee that we will take on your project. But we will certainly do our best to help you out!

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